My World

I am blessed with four dashing men, one of whom is the sweetest man on the planet who I get to call my husband, and three of which are my greatest treasures and proudest accomplishments, who I get to call sons.


My Can’t Live Withouts

I love to laugh, and am a bit of a romantic.
I am a chocolate lover and a secret stash manager.
I would pick sunshine over rain any day.
In a perfect world my house is adorned with fresh flowers, candles & music.
I believe that joy and laughter are a cure.
I am passionate about believing in another’s dream.
Authentic friendships are a must.
Life should be filled with love and sparkles.

My Passion, My Work

I photograph love and turn it into beautiful art … what’s a girl not to love about that?  It’s a wonderful life … A love story, full of different chapters of twists and turns, making life richer, and fuller. As a natural light camera artist, it is my desire to capture and document your love story through beautiful, timeless images.  Life & love are precious and so deserving of an investment that allows it to be kept forever.

I hope to meet you soon!